About Us

We are an honest, family-run business with a straightforward vision. We believe a well-nourished and active body can do wonders to prevent or reverse most of the health issues adults and children face in today's world. We are committed to offering you great tasting food products made of clean, recognizable ingredients that satisfy your body, mind and soul.

We are proud and passionate about what we do and the breads we make. Consistency and integrity are always our mantra, and our distributors, retail stores and customers quickly become our friends.


Meet Us

It’s been an amazing journey developing our breads and bringing them to the marketplace. Small businesses require team members to wear many hats, Here’s a little about us- the dynamic sister and brother duo:



Marie Roth, RD


Idea girl, learning addict, nutrition and fitness guru and founder of Simply Trudy Grain-free Breads, Marie Roth is a permanent wanderlust wannabe, lover of wine and food, a newbie to yoga and the mother of two awesome nearly-grown children. When not working, she can be found basking in the sun, devouring pages of medical literature, tackling a new project or concocting something in the kitchen. More About Marie


Bill Bresnak


Office comic, mechanical genius and co-owner of Simply Trudy Grain-free Breads, Bill Bresnak is an outdoors adventurist, Spartan Race competitor, enthusiastic sports fan and father to his teenage son, Sean. When not co- ordinating the internal operational activities of Simply Trudy, he can be found building or fixing something, camping, fishing, hiking, working in the yard or hanging out with friends and family. More About Bill