What’s the shelf-life of your products?

At optimal freezer (0° F) and refrigerator (35° F) temperatures, our bread products last about 8-12 months in the freezer and 3-weeks in the refrigerator.  We highly recommend you keep our moist, nutrient-dense breads frozen or refrigerated to maintain quality and prevent spoiling.


With so many allergens left out, what exactly are your products made of?

We are proud of our clean, GMO-free ingredient lists.  Our breads are made from a variety of nutritious seeds, egg whites, seasonings and spices. A drizzle of organic honey is used to offset any bitterness that may result from the raw seed blend. The ascorbic acid, or vitamin C powder, helps maintain the volume of our eggwhites. Our breads are free of wheat/gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, yeast, sesame, fish and shellfish.


Are your products Gluten & Wheat Free?

Yes.  There are no wheat or gluten containing ingredients in our breads.  We are certified with the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) which requires we perform routine gluten testing that meet their stringent requirements.  


When ordering online, can the breads be refrozen when they arrive?

We ship our breads frozen with ice packs and box liners to keep the breads cold during transportation.  Most of our online customers do refreeze the breads immediately after their order arrives with no detection of a compromise in quality. 


Why are there sometimes ice crystals in the bread bag?

Freezers are extremely dry environments. Ice crystals form inside packages due to a natural equilibrium process that aims to balance the moisture in the surrounding airIce crystals inside the packages of frozen food products are actually formed from water leaving the food.  This moisture circulates within the package until it finds a cold enough surface onto which it can freeze directly into ice.  Although the appearance might make you think otherwise, frozen foods that have snow-like ice crystals in the packaging are perfectly find and safe to eat. Typically only when large ice crystals have formed inside the center of the food product does discoloration occur and the quality of the food become diminished.  


Do you donate products or coupons?

We do, happily.  We know the cost of eating healthy is high, and wish we could fulfill all requests.  However, we have a limited number of samples we can supply each year.  If you have a special cause or event, please email us the details about your cause, event or organization and we can assess the available supply of samples at the time of the request.


Why do Simply Trudy Breads cost more than other gluten-free breads?

Our high quality ingredients, such as organic eggs and seeds, simply cost a lot more than the starches and flours used in other breads.  Our products are certified gluten-free and hand made in small batches. We hope you agree that our breads, with their amazing taste, texture and nutrition, are worth the cost.