Our Story

With my background as a registered dietitian and no medical explanation from healthcare professionals, I had always suspected food was connected to my daughter’s chronic migraines and gastrointestinal issues. However, convincing a teen to comply with harsh dietary restrictions proved futile until it naturally happened during a vacation to the Hawaiian Islands. On a clean diet of simply prepared fish, fresh vegetables and tropical fruits her symptoms slowly began to disappear. This reacquaintance with feeling “truly well” on clean, simple foods was the motivation we all needed in helping Trudy reclaim her health.

Back home, I diligently worked to keep the vibrant, healthy feeling from becoming a memory. Accepting most of the dietary changes like a trooper, there was one thing she desperately missed—bread! The gluten-free breads on the market did not agree with her digestive tract, and none of the paleo breads agreed with her taste buds. Therefore, it became my mission to create a satisfying bread so she could once again enjoy a sandwich or a piece of toast. The foods I created to nourish my child’s body are made with pure love and pure ingredients. The idea of bringing our creations to market was born from sharing our foods and story with those suffering a similar fate and those just looking for delicious, clean, trustworthy foods that are free of all bad things.